Skåne District Championships

DNS. Due to malady I did not participate.

I have entered my first event for the year – Skåne’s District Championships’ (Skånes UDM-DM-VDM i terränglöpning) on Saturday 2nd April. It is a local off-road event here in Ystad.

It will also be my first ever event that I will participate in as a veteran. And, that just sounds weird – me a veteran? Yes .. I will turn 35 this year (luckily only in the very end of December!) and that places me in the Female Veteran 35 (FV35) category. In Sweden K35.

I entered a 4K race. I am looking forward to racing on familiar grounds.

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  1. Hi Cursor – this sound a good event. When you say off road, do you mean a trail race or a cross country?

    The veteran thing is different in the UK – here we qualify for the age category from our birthdays.

    Good luck with the training!


    • Hi Dave! I think it is more cross country .. here they call it ‘terräng’ which means ‘terrain’. Funny enough, this will be my first ever “terräng” event, so I will be able to give you a more detailed report once I have raced through the course.

      Here you qualify according to the birth year. I suppose I could have waited for another year to be called a veteran .. therefore preferred the UK system 🙂

      Same to you! Have a good weekend! //Cursor

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