A good week in the end

I mentioned in my previous post, I have been feeling  more tired than normal this week and legs have felt heavy on my runs, only towards the end though. Therefore my training week did not quite look the same as it was supposed to. Thursday’s 1 hour run became a rest day and I ran on Friday instead. Saturday again was a rest day, and run on Sunday. So, three rest days altogether.

What made the week’s training, was my long run today, on Sunday. It was a beautiful sunny morning with no wind (always a big bonus !!) and the temperature hovering around zero degrees. I left my daughter at her gymnastics class and started my run from there. I headed towards the seafront and continued my run along the paths and promenades following the coastal line. Enjoying the fresh air, beautiful scenery and my light legs, I continued running east for 45 minutes. By the swim guard’s tower it was time for me to turn round. I took exactly the same route back as I needed to get back to my daughter when she had finished her class. I got there just in time, and that made it a 90 minute run!  Longest run ever and my legs coped. Great feeling afterwards. Maybe the extra rest during the week helped!

The swim guard's tower in Sandskogen Ystad

The week altogether looked like this.

Mon: Rest
Tue: 1 h easy
Wed: 1 h easy
Thu: Rest
Fri: 1 h easy
Sat: Rest
Sun: 90 mins easy

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