Another training week

Last week’s training went more or less as planned. Only the 5K time trial replaced the hour run on Tuesday, and Saturday’s run was cut shorter.

It has been cold again the past week or two. Four layers of clothing on the upper body, two on the lower body, a hat and a thick pair of gloves, only then I am ready to face the cold front that has hit Scandinavia. I am not too sure whether it would be more pleasurable to be running in Finland with close -20 degrees or in Ystad with -5 and freezing wind? Let’s hope weather gods will soon treat us with warmer winds and bring us sunshine. I think we are all awaiting Spring to arrive. 

Glad to be running in the forest

My legs took a few days to recover from the time trial. After all, it had been a loooong time since they had been running at that pace. After Wednesday’s and Thursday’s 1 hour runs I was so ready to take a rest on Friday. And restful it was. Following the formula from last Friday I took a short nap in the afternoon.  Saturday must have been the windiest day of the week and I was supposed to have run 40-50 minutes. Hubby drove me 6 km away from home towards East so that I could run the wind behind me home. I ran straight home and gave the extra loop, I was supposed to have done, a miss .. it was pretty nasty out there. In retrospect, I should have asked him to take me further away. Sunday’s long run I did on the trails of Sandskogen. I managed to squeeze in 15 km in 80 minutes before it was time to pick up the daughter from her gymnastics. A pleasant run and a nice ending to the training week.

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