Another week’s training done. Last week of the 3 week build-up cycle and it has been good. Body is adapting nicely to the increased amount of running, and an hour run feels like a standard now. Having said that, I did take an extra rest day on Monday, as was recommended by the coach, after my 80 minute long run the day before.

Thursday it was time for the 5 x 8 min intervals again. Last time I did this session (a week ago in Jönköping) my average heart rate during the 8-minute-interval was around 152 bpm. This week I started my session keenly and very quickly my heart rate was up at 156 bpm. I thought I would keep it around there throughout the session and definitely not letting it drop below 155. I could feel after a short while during the first interval already, that this is going to get tough at this pace. I had started intensely but as stubborn as I am (ask my husband he will agree) I had to keep pumping and keep the heart rate up. The last interval was the heaviest but luckily the 8 minutes went quickly. I felt like stopping straight after but kept myself jogging to cool down. Legs were wobbly.

It feels like a long time ago since I suffered from DOMS. I did not mind as I knew I had done a good work out. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) may last for 3 to 4 days depending on the extent of the muscle damage. Luckily, my legs were not that damaged and already by the next day I could feel that the legs had recovered well. Despite, I was happy that it happened to be Friday, and a rest day.

The view I often enjoy while out running

Sunday’s training was a long run (75 mins) along the coast line of Ystad. It was a mild, windless morning. Perfect start for the day!

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