Extra day’s rest

Just as I mentioned that my body has been coping well with the increased training load, it has been struggling this week. I have been more tired than normal and my legs have been feeling heavy. But I have also noticed a definite increase in my speed while the heart rate is still relatively low. Perhaps I have been running harder than normal?

This week’s schedule will be re-arranged some what. After 2 days of consequetive running, 1 hour each, I complained about my heavy legs. The coach offered me an extra day’s rest and I grabbed the offer with both hands. So, there they have been, all day, on the rack, next to the black Adidas shoes I swore I will never wear again .. taking a rest.

Rest day for Pegasus

Rest day for Pegasus

It is definitely an advantage to have an in-house coach. Routines and schedules can quickly be changed around and I know this will not affect my overall training. And, on the other hand, I am not a pro aiming to qualify for the Olympics .. so a change here and another there cannot be so damaging to my “running career”.

After having said that, I felt strange all day, as I was supposed to run. I could see the schedule in front of my mind’s eye and it saying “1h easy” on today’s date. It was bugging me a little. My body, or was it the mind that was itching to run but instead I was sitting in front of my computer, writing, drinking coffee from thermos and eating sandwiches.

At least my thesis that I am busy writing enjoyed the extra attention it got today. I always run in the morning and it takes at least an hour and a half off my writing time. I am not complaining, but my thesis is. With 3 children, studies and running it takes some juggling to get everything done .. and it has been the thesis that has not got done as much as I had hoped. I have, however, noticed a slight rise in my writing motivation lately so maybe I will get my study out the way soon.

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