Extreme Freshness

I know I said in my previous post that I would enjoy the extreme freshness of winter air. But there is apparently a limit to this enjoyment. After having had two days off I felt I needed to get out and run. Temperature was only -5 (yes, not at all bad for us northerners) but the northwesterly wind was literally mind blowing. Shuffling along the icy roads my face was the one least amused being out, and my hands were complaining. Nose felt like it was about to fall off any minute. 2 kilometers against the harsh wind and the nose was only happy to see the turning of the road. It was a relief to have the wind hitting the rear side of the body. All of the sudden the wind seemed to have stopped. Until the second next turn.

The Freshness of Winter

The Freshness of Winter

Who ever said exercise improves circulation as I have not noticed this particular benefit? My hands often complain the most while out running in the cold. As I type this, my hands are freezing. I do get some comfort and slight inner warmth from the thought “cold hands, warm heart” though. So, when the hands are already freezing before going out .. there is not much one can do, other than wear relatively thick gloves, suffer and trust the hands will warm up towards the end of the run. For this circulation issue of mine I am convinced that I was born on a wrong latitude and keep dreaming about a southward move.

But it is funny how one gets a sense of pleasure from running in harsh conditions. In a pervert kind of way you enjoy the cold air biting your cheeks, and you look to endure the discomfort just a little bit longer .. and another a bit longer. The feeling of satisfaction after the ‘endurement’ is the greatest award of all. It’s often worth it.

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