Grippin’ again

It was very depressing returning to South of Sweden from Finland. It has been raining and misty, and while out running it feels as if the sky is hanging over me. The sun has not been out since we arrived.

One thing that has made me happy about being home is to be able to run on asphalt and non-icy pavements/paths again.  No more slipping  … for the moment at least. Snow is melting fast and day by day paths are getting better. And, it has been relatively warm. I have managed with only 3 layers of clothing on my upper body on few occasions. Pure sign of Spring.

No more icy pavements

On Sunday I did my longest run ever – 80 minutes! Sky hanging over me and wind reminding of its existence  I was determined to make it an enjoyable run. Nice relaxed running, checking the pulse every now and then, keeping it average 135 bpm. Legs for some reason were feeling a bit “out of sync”. Do not really know how to describe it. They were not tired or heavy but I had to make them work. I was very conscious of them all the time. It was only after 50 minutes or so that the automatic gear kicked in and I felt as if  the legs were flowing as they should be. What a great feeling! I could have carried on running but stopped at 80 minutes as by then I was back home. No more was needed for the time being. The aim is to build up the longest run up to 90 minutes by taking small steps.

Monday was a rest day for me. Today (Tuesday) I did a 1-hour-run with the last 15 mins at 65% effort. Today I felt heavy and struggled to keep the heart rate at certain pace. The last 15 minutes at a higher tempo felt slightly better. It was one of those “not so smooth runs”. At least it is done and one can get certain feeling of satisfaction from that. Here is hoping for a better run tomorrow, and that the stomach bug that is going around me will not get its grip on me.

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  1. Hi!

    I really envy you! I have just being cross country skiing, but some how I miss running. I feel like I have to ski now, when we have this good snow situation in Finland. I would love to have time for both, but it’s not possible…

    Maybe you have a encouraging (kannustava) and “easy” running programme for me?! 😉


    • Hi Maka, and thank you for your comment. Enjoy skiing now while it is still possible .. plenty of time for running after snow is gone. I was dissapointed that I did not get more skiing done in Finland. I went once and swore after that I will sell my skies. It was too cold and tracks were poor. It was not enjoyable.

      I suppose it all depends how much time you are prepared to put into your running and what you want to achieve. Do you have a goal?
      I would say establishing a routine is the most important to start with. Your runs to start with do not need to be that long. However, I do know you have done a fair amount of running already! Once you have your routine (running twice or three times a week) it is easier to increase the amount of runs as well as add different kind of training into your routine. Intervals, tempo runs, long runs ..

      Take a look at the 10K training programmes on Time-to-Run to give you an idea what they consist of. I train according to them and find them encouraging, varying and enjoyable .. and they seem to work 😉 Here is the link:

      Enjoy your skiing!

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