Life running hastily

No big or exciting things happening on the running front on this side.

But at least I am running.

This week I ran five times, and that already is an improvement – 36 kilometres of pleasant relaxed running. Well, I did one 5K run with a higher tempo just to suss out the state of my condition. Not quite there yet. Pulse is high.

I wanted to run today but it was far too windy for my liking. As I am not ‘on top of the world’ with my running, and training, at the moment I have chosen not to drive to town to do my runs if I am not driving there otherwise. The forest is there, remember?  And, I am definitely not going out here on the ‘flatland’ just to get irritated by the northeaster. So, Sunday became a rest day.

Missed 'my' forest today

Even if I am not, life is running hastily. Big relocation plans are taking place and it is only a month to go until we are meant to be ready, all packed and set to go. I have three weeks to go until my examination, and a week before that the thesis must be ready and handed in. This is only a ‘half thesis’ for my Sports Science Master’s degree – something they call ‘Magister’ here in Sweden. So, I am almost half way there.

I have not got a definite running plan for next week. The aim is to increase the mileage a little but still take it relaxed and easy otherwise. The week gone looked like this.

Mon:  8km
Tue: 5km
Wed: 5km
Thu: 10K
Fri: rest
Sat: 8km
Sun: rest

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