New surroundings

It has been almost 2 years since my last post.

Like I wrote then, our life was doing somersaults. After the somersaults became a spin. It felt like life was tumbling in a spin like a washing machine. Our crazy move (in retrospect) to the unknown has been quite a journey with lots of doubt and unsettledness, albeit lots of sunshine.

When life is stressful your body begins to reflect the state of your mind. It feels like the energy you put into your body via nutrition is no longer available for any physical activity. It seems to feed the stress wherever that lies in the body (in the brain?) and there is no energy left for anything else but the necessary “getting dressed, grocery shopping, cooking and making sure the family has got what they need” -stuff.

That is how it has been more or less the past (nearly) 2 years. We have had the happier days and felt we have made the right move. But, these days have been balanced out by the less joyous ones. My running has gone through more of the latter. I have done a few light runs here and there when I have had the energy but nothing constructive has happened since 2010, when I ran my PB for 10 k of 40:24, if you must know.

New running surroundings

New running surroundings

Well, I am hopefully back on it. I have done two weeks of ‘a kind of purposeful training’ and I think this is what my body, mind and soul have been longing for. My practically locked neck is slowly giving way, I am feeling my energy levels picking up and mood is definitely lifting. My husband is not the only one taking delight in this.

Exercise definitely is balm for my mind, body and soul.

I have missed this.

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