Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon

This was our fourth year in Copenhagen, and working with Sparta, the organisers of the Copenhagen Marathon. We are the elite athlete coordinator for the event, and the family has the privilege of following us to the event each year. And, it is just as exciting every year – meeting elite runners, driving them to the Marathon Expo and the event itself, having dinner with them and just being around these amazing runners is inspirational.

After being surrounded by that ‘running buzz’ for 3 days, I am determined to get well. I cannot wait to get the feeling of running freely with light legs again, doing proper training and aiming for decent times.

One of the highlights of our year

This year we had the pleasure of meeting Tegla Loroupe, the Kenian running legend, and Mårten Boström from Finland with his fiancé. Part of our group was also a Greek runner, Dimosthenis Evaggelidis accompanied with his wife, and two pace setters from England – Kevin Quinn and Mark Warmby.

We all stayed at the Scandic hotel by the artificial lakes in the centre of Copenhagen. For the family the weekend is always a mini getaway, at least for me and the kids. For the hubby the weekend is more intensive as he puts all his energy and heart into looking after the group of athletes. I am the ‘in-house’ photographer and driver, and coordinate the athlete schedules. On top of the marathon trip to the capital of Copenhagen, this time I was also rewarded with a bottle of red wine and a pair of new Nikes 😀

For us the weekend was a success. Mårten Boström won the race with 2:21 and Dimosthnis Evaggelidis was second to cross the finish line some 3 minutes after Boström. Tegla Loroupe became second after Sparta’s own Anne- Sofie Pade Hansen. Conditions were windy for the runners and cold for us spectators.

Part of our group after the race – Matleena, Tegla, Mårten, Dimosthnis, me and the kids

You can read more on the event here.

Here is a nice (not at all long) video clip of the race.

Sunday evening our family, with the group of athletes, was invited to Sparta’s club award dinner.

After a full weekend, saying goodbye to the athletes leaves the family with great memories but also a feeling of sadness. Meeting interesting runners from all over the world is great not only for me but for the kids too. They love the weekend and look forward to the next year already. Even though, it can be tough at times for them to wait while we take care of our work, I love the fact that they are able to spend time with us and experience the world of runners and events in this manner. And seemed like the kids’ performance of Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror was enjoyed by all when driving back to the hotel in our mini bus.

Yet another great Copenhagen marathon for us.

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  1. Christian Schmeikal

    Seems like you had a great time there with family and elite runners. It truly is nice to get such opportunities. 🙂

    BTW, you peanut-butter-banana toast really got the hold of me – I’m addicted. I didn’t know there were peanutbutter free from added fats (Like Skippy has). I first tried the Green choice (chunky) which I liked, but the second time the grocery store didn’t have that one. Then I looked around and many brands have only peanuts and seasalt as only ingredients. Fascinating.

    My wife, who usually doens’t like the combination is stuck too 😀

    Thank you for a great tip!


    • It was a great weekend and it is not many children who get to experience events in this way. I hope they will appreciate it when they get little older.

      Pleasure Christian. Just watch out you don’t eat too much of the nutty stuff .. you may turn into a nutty runner 😉

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