Power of honey

They say honey has many health benefits. With its distinct antiseptic property it is an ideal natural soother for sore throat or chafed skin. It is a sweet treat for your skin and therefore an ingredient in many skin products.

Honey is a rich source of carbohydrates and an all-natural sweetener. I use honey to get a natural energy kick before and/or after training. I just take a tea spoonful of this sweet “medicine” as it is, or mix it in a blender with orange juice and banana to make an energy drink.

Often found in my shopping basket

I use honey to soothe my throat when needed and proudly announce that I have not suffered a single cold this Winter. A small spoonful of honey pleasantly soothes an itchy thoat. I have become so fond of honey and its healing properties that I eat honey every day. I spread it on my toast with some butter, and when ever I get a graving for something sweet, which is often, I take a small “dose” of honey instead.

My love for honey is something new and has grown gradually. For all the years I have never really cared for honey .. I thought it spoiled my tea and tasted “tacky“.

Until this summer, when I got freshly extracted honey from the farm we are staying at. Never in my life have I tasted honey that has got a flavour like this one .. very flowery with hint of jasmin. Gorgeous! I got one jar .. then I got two more .. and then I felt I could not ask for more. I have tried different honeys from the local super markets and luckily found one that comes close enough to that flowery taste. There is definitely a difference in the tastes of honey and not all of them are as nice .. then it definitely feels as if you are taking medicine “with long teeth”.

I totally believe in the power of honey and love the fact that it is a natural product!

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  1. Hi Cursor. I always enjoyed honey, it tastes soo good! I use it in a bowl of chopped fruits (banana, apple and papaya) for a light snack. More recently, in my post-run drink that I´ll probably write about it someday. 🙂

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