Quality session in Jönköping

As the week looked out I was going to miss my first quality session of my build up programme. I was not too happy about this but I could not really go and re-book our ferry tickets and re-schedule the trip just because of this session. Well, our trip got re-scheduled anyway.

We decided to break our long car drive into two and sleep over in a hotel half way home. We got to the hotel, booked in and got the kids settled in front of TV. I got changed into my running kit and off I went for my 5 x 8 min (2 mins easy in between) training run. I asked for nice running paths at the reception and was directed towards a smaller lake, the Munk Lake (Munksjö). There was a path around it. Slightly icy but okay.

After a short warm-up I started my session. I had discussed with the coach that I should do the 8 min intervals at about 150 bpm. I was positively surprised to notice that I had no problems keeping the tempo at the higher rate during the whole session. It hovered around 152-153 most of the time. For more than 2 months I have been running at below 140, so this could have been considered a step-up in tempo. I was very pleased with my body delivering this session after the off period. No complaints whatsoever. It was only after the 50 minute session and during my 10 minute cool-down that my legs felt slightly heavy. After two rounds around the lake + a tour around the town I had completed my run in 70 minutes. Most pleased with myself I took the elevator to the 6th floor of the Scandic hotel to meet my family again. I was content with the knowledge that the next day would be a rest day.

After my shower, the family went out for a walk in the city. What caught my eye was a cosy looking English pub downtown. We peeked in and decided to stay. It brought up memories from the time we lived in London and Sunday pub lunches with the day’s papers. I am glad pubs and restaurants are smoke free nowadays. We ordered an assortment of side dishes. Nachos, chips, bread and salad with a glass of red wine made a lovely supper around a pub table overlooking the quieting shopping street of Jönköping.

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