Quiet running week with kids picnic and gym

It has been quiet on the running front as I have not felt 100% healthy. I had 3 days of full rest from Sunday to Tuesday. I went out for a 4K run with the kids on their bicycles on Wednesday. Do not know if I can call it a run, as I need to stop every now and then to help someone to take their gloves off, put them back on, push someone through the muddiest parts, or help them to get back on their bike again. Well, at least I was on my feet doing some form of exercise, and that felt good.

I rested on Thursday but went for an easy 5K run in the forest in town on Friday. I was not going to run around home as it was yet again so bloody windy. I picked the kids up from school. We did some shopping and then drove to the forest. I had packed a basket with sandwiches, fruit and drink for the kids to have a picnic while mummy is out running. I am glad the kids are getting older and one can leave them on their own for a short while. And it definitely helps to have a very sensible first born who is able to look after the less sensible lastborn. Luckily, the middle one is getting also more sensible with age.

It is a beautiful forest and the kids always find lots to do there. They had had their picnic under tree roots of this massive tree and they were playing ‘tag’ (suomeksi hippaa, på svenska tafatt) when I got back.

Being out in fresh air and running on light legs felt nice. I could have run longer but thought I better get back to the kids. We stayed in the forest for a little while – at the ‘gym’ where I did my routine exercises: push-ups, “bench dips”, and ab crunches. I only do one repetition of each exercise which consists of about 10-20 pushes or crunches according to how I feel. This I do average 3 times a week, often after my easiest runs. So, not so much thought is put into my “gym work” currently. It probably shows. Well, for now that is good enough.

The gym I go to

Saturday will be a rest day, which I am happy about. My throat is feeling lousy (more so than during the week .. dammit!) and the wind is howling. I am getting pretty sick of this weather over here. This is no paradise for any athlete.

I was hoping to start with the sub 40 min 10K programme next week. We shall see what happens. I am glad the body is otherwise feeling well .. no muscle fatigue or fever, just an irritated throat. Why did I boast about not having been sick in one of my posts?! It backfired.

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