Running with sister

Sometimes it is just great to be running with someone, especially if you are used to running on your own. And even better, when that someone is your own sister who you have not met for months.

During the family’s 4-day-stay sis and I run twice. I know my sister was a little apprehensive to be running with me as she has not been running that much of late. But neither have I. She has only just started running after Winter again. Despite, we quickly settled into a nice relaxed pace to suit both of us. We could keep the chat flowing while still getting a sufficient workout. Weather gods treated us kindly during the family’s visit, which of course made running even more enjoyable.

We ran two days in a row, only 5 kilometres each day. It has been a while since I last ran on consecutive days and could tell that legs were complaining ever so slightly about that. Rest day was needed after.

Kind weather gods have passed our region and all we are left with is cold wind. It will be our son’s football premier for outdoor season tomorrow. I am hoping to do a 7K run around the football field before the match starts. I hope the wind will give us a break.

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  1. Hello,

    I am an American living in Skane, Lund to be exact. And I was reading your website, it is a really great place! You mentioned previously that there is a booklet about running events in Sweden, and I would like to know where I could find that. I will be running the Lundaloppet on May 7, but that is the only event I know of, I am also training for a sub 40, 10k, and that is how I came across your site. Hope to hear from you. Thanks.


    • Hi Dustin, and thanks for posting here. The booklet is called Spring i Skåne 2011, and it is by Skånes friidrottsförbund. They leave these booklets at changing rooms nearby our trails, and that is where I got mine from.

      There are definitely more events around than Lundaloppet 😉 Take a look at the link There you can find more events under ‘långloppsprogram 2011’. Hope this helps.

      Happy training and good luck for Lundaloppet! //Cursor

      • Wonderful, it was exactly what I was looking for, and it is for Skåne specifically. I found a few lists on the internet after posting on this site, but they only had a few listings of races near by. Thanks again. Good luck as well, and I will be following your site as long I am in Sweden, its fun to hear about others peoples ventures.


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