Sub 40 min 10K training programme

I am back in running form and glad to announce I have started the Time-to-Run sub 40 min 10K training programme. In my last race of the previous season I ran my PB of 40:24 for a 10K road race. This season I want to go under 40 .. with a decent margin.

Future training partner always keen to run

I had easy runs on Monday and Tuesday, and took a rest day on Wednesday as not to overload the body before Thursday’s quality session  –  4 x 2K interval training, the toughest session of the programme.

This was my first quality session after the off training and build up period that lasted over 4 months. Not to shock the body too much, we had decided I only do 4 intervals instead of 5 which would have been according to the programme. The pace was set to 4:00 to 4:05 minutes per K, in other words 8:00-8:10 mins for each 2K. Due to the eternal wind, and not just a breeze, I could not have run the session on the tartan track, which was ingeniously placed right by the sea once upon a time. I decided to do the session in the forest along off-road paths. I took the 10K course. I warmed up until the 1K mark and from there began my session.

The beginning of the course is pretty “friendly”. After 6 kilometres the course gets hillier and there are few steep hills, which are not ideal for this kind of fast session. The hills slow you down no matter how hard you try to pump them up. Let’s not mention the down hills. I suppose I was also tired by the time I got to the hilly section as I had started the session a bit too hard. Me and my pace judgement. On the other hand, I rather run slightly faster than I am supposed to rather than too slowly. This time the “strategy” backfired and I was unable to maintain the same pace throughout the session. The splits are here for those interested.

Friday’s rest I felt was well deserved again.

Today, Saturday, I did my longest run so far – 18 kilometres! For a while we have been talking about me running a 18K training run in preparation for a half marathon, which I may be running in the end of April. I woke up hungry with a slight headache this morning. I could not eat as I was going to run, so I made myself an energy drink (orange juice, banana and honey) with extra much honey to give me an energy boost. I drove to town to run in the forest. My head was not much better so I got myself some “medicine”, in other words coke. With some coke in my system I was able to start the run. The longer I ran the better I felt. It was a good run and gave me confidence towards the half marathon. I have no doubt I will be able to squeeze in 3 more kilometers to make it 21, when the time comes.

After today’s achievement I am allowed a rest day tomorrow.

I just want to mention, that as my life carries on as normal, my thoughts are with the people in Japan, what unbelievable devastation they have been through.

Enjoy your weekend! Enjoy life and what you have!

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  1. Hi Cursor, good to hear about your longest run. First time I ran this long was very exciting. The sub 40min is very challenging. Good luck! Hope to get there sometime.

  2. Thanks, MMS! I am very happy to have run 18 kilometres and to notice that there is definitely room for more. I am already looking forward to my next long run.

    With your diligent training I am sure you will get there! Enjoy your vacation in Uberlandia!

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