Summer settlements

Life has been doing somersaults. And so has my running. And blogging.

We decided to wrap our belongings into removal boxes. Only the dearest and most necessary stuff could stay, the rest we got rid of.

As exciting as our plans for the future and relocation may sound the stress has been enormous. Especially, when three little ones, all school aged, are involved. While mulling over things involved in such a move and preparing for sorting out our belongings  I did not have the energy for more intense training. I did some light running according to what my body could cope with.

We left Sweden with fully packed car and 5 years of great memories.

Summer roads

We are taking a pit stop in Finland. We have been here since the beginning of July. Sorting out official documents and preparing for the next,  bigger, move. Paper work, paper work, paper work. Have got to love it.

So life is still unsettled. And so is my running. And blogging.

Despite everything, I have enjoyed the warm summer and running in the bare necessities. A sun cap being one of them. I am back into some sort of running routine and even done a few faster sessions on the local track. I can still feel the uncertainty of future wearing down my energy levels and the efficiency to train the way I used to is not there yet.

I look forward to settling into our new location and lifestyle. And a training routine. And blogging.

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  1. Christian Schmeikal

    Nice to see that you’re back to your blogging again 🙂

    I can understand that it can be very stressful to relocate a family with three school children not one, but two times :S

    I hope you will get well settled where you’re going to end up.
    Good luck with the future running!

    Best regards,

    • Thanks Christian!

      I try to blog more often again .. but when the routine of doing things is out it seems very difficult to get anything done 😉

      Hope all is well with you, your running and your little ones, and that you had a great summer.

      It is back to running in long tights and long sleeves again .. summer seemed very short.

      Take care! Cursor

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