5K, rest, 5K, rest, 5K ..

That is what my past ‘training’ week looks like.

As you can see I still have to take it easy. 5 kilometres of easy running feels enough at the moment. My morning pulse is still high and I can feel that I am not 100 percent healthy yet. I feel more energetic one day and then can feel ‘flat as a pancake’ the day after.

Whatever it is I am having is becoming highly annoying. I keep thinking, at what level my running would have been now if I had been able to continue my training as normal after winter. I had such a good build up period. I had hoped to go under 40 minutes for 10K early in the season and have a good half marathon debut before summer.

Life does not always go as planned and I cannot do much other than ‘go with the flow’ at the moment. At least I am doing some running. My forever encouraging coach believes I will quickly bounce back once healthy .. and that I must only worry when he starts worrying. He is not worried.

Next week I am hoping to increase my ‘mileage’ a little. My family from Finland is coming over to visit for four days.  My sister promised to take running shoes with her. This means I will have company on my runs, which will sure feel like a treat. I always (there have been a few exceptions) run on my own.

Hello Finland

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  1. Saa nähä miten pysyn sun perässä 😀

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