Build up

Since the end of October, that will be over 2 months now, I have been doing off-period running. It has been easy running, keeping the pulse below 140 bpm. It took some time to get used to such low intensity running. It felt awkward to start with as I was not used to running so slowly. My slow/easy runs before I got my Suunto t3d monitor, were not this relaxed. What my intuition considered easy was something else according to the heart rate monitor. I persisted running according to the Suunto t3d and the heart rate reading. As time went by I got used to slower running. I began enjoying my waddles.

Towards the end of my off-period I noticed that my running pace had definitely increased for the same heart rate reading and it felt more as if I was actually running, not waddling. I have thoroughly enjoyed my easy runs and this period.

Now it is time to start the build up period, as was instructed by TheEd on the Time-to-Run forums.

Why did I get slightly nervous when I read TheEd’s message, or was it just anticipation? One part of me is looking forward to starting more structured running again and adding a few tempo runs to the training routine. One part of me feels sad (could not think of a better word) leaving the relaxed, painless runs behind. Is it not this what running is all about – relaxed, enjoyable, painless exercise outdoors?

How will my body cope with the increased intensity and volume of running? The build up programme seems like an awful lot of running. It seems to be based on 1 hour runs, which I have not been doing so many.

First ever buil-up programme for me. Again, new challenges and something new to be learnt. I look forward to the build-up training, analysing the benefits of the off-period and studying how the body will receive the challenge of the coming “epoch”.

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