Friday rest

My training this week has been good so far. It has been going as planned. Actually even better. It was my 5 x 8 minutes interval session that I was most pleased with. I had planned running the 8 minute intervals at about 157 bpm pace, just like I ran the last time I did the session. However, I found a nice rhythm at 163 bpm pace and kept it at that throughout the session. The 8 minute intervals have 2 minutes of easy running in between.

I am not very good at judging pace yet. I do not really know whether I am running at 4 min/km or 4.5 min/km  pace, which makes quite a difference if you consider it in terms of 10K time – 40 compared to 45 minutes. For this reason, I am very happy to have my heart rate monitor to give me an indication how the training is going and if progress is taking place. The difference between 157 adn 163 bpm may not seem so big, but I can tell you there is a difference. I was most happy to notice that I felt so comfortable running at a higher pace throughout the interval session. So comfortable, that I was able to increase my tempo even more for the last 4 minutes of my last interval. It felt great!

After 3 consequtive days of running I had earned my rest day. I love Fridays! Not because it is often a rest day, but it marks the beginning of the weekend, which is still ahead of us. Most would probably agree.

I love 'pick 'n mix' sweets

Friday is the day I allow myself, without any feelings of quilt, to have sweets. I only buy sweets on Fridays when I do my weekly grocery shopping and treasure the evening when the family calms down after supper to share the goodies. I love sweets, and have a soft spot for everything that is slightly sweet in general. My favourite sweets are the pick ‘n mix. When I get to choose the mix it mostly consists of fruit jelly type sweeties mixed with little chocolate, fudge and liqoirice.

Have a sweet weekend!

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  1. Such a nice blog Piia!
    And I’m so impressed with you running.
    And the goodies… yummie!

  2. Thanks Jonna!!
    It is Friday, and a sweet day, again .. can’t believe how the weeks just fly past!
    Running is going well. Enjoying the fact that I am able to run on asphalt and pavements, even the tracks in the forest are dry now. No more snow, thank you!
    Have a good weekend!

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