Judicious Foot Placement

Minus degrees are gone and so are the nice running conditions. So are the days of efficient ploughing and sand spreading. Temperature is hovering around zero degrees.  Snow is melting and pavements are covered with ice. The local council is making savings. Not a single chip of grit to be found anywhere to give a better grip for those wanting to be active. Obviously the council does not know that runners are mad and we want to get out and do our bit of running in any conditions.

To avoid broken bones judicious foot placement was necessary while on my 1 hour relaxed run today. Despite the conditions I had a great run. It felt as if a totally new gear had kicked in. I was so excited to see my heart rate well below 140 bpm while I was “galloping” (my term used to describe faster running) along the icy roads. I just cannot wait to see the asphalt emerge under all the ice and snow and start running, and I mean running, again.

Today was the 8th day of  the build up programme, the second week started. Last week, the first one, went well. Amazingly well to be honest. I have not got a long history of 1 hour runs, and last week I did two of those plus a 75-minute-run and a 40-minute-run. Quite comfortably.

Perhaps this is now the long off period paying off. Exciting times ahead!

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