New challenges

Six days of consecutive running was this week’s challenge. Never before, and it sounded like an awful lot of running. But I did well. To reduce the load ever so slightly, I was instructed to run a light 30 minute recovery run on Monday instead of a full hour run. This was after my long run on Sunday. Tuesday and Wednesday I did 1-hour-runs, and Thursday it was time for some interval work.

The interval session I did with mixed feelings. It can be a tough session (5 x 8 minutes with 2 minutes easy in between) but is also very rewarding. Few times I went through thoughts “why am I putting myself through this” .. “this feels uncomfortable”. But to realise the improvement and notice, I can actually put myself through more and more “uncomfortable running” by just focusing on the rhythm of running and breathing, gives me pleasure. Mad some would think.

Well, this week has had storms and beautiful spring days. On Tuesday they had given a grade 2 storm warning for our area. The wind was blowing at 20 m/s (72 km/h or 44,7 miles/h) and I was not really looking forward to going out. To my surprise it was pretty okay in the forest, which luckily is dense enough to keep the worst gusts of wind out of my way. I could just hear the wind howling over the tree tops. The day after was calm and sunny, and I could head towards the sea front again and hear the birds singing their spring tunes. That warmed my heart. Spring is on its way.

Glad to have dense forest around

Or it was. Today it has been sleeting horizontally.

Today’s rest day was well needed. I do not feel tired in the legs but boy was I tired when I got home this afternoon with the kids. Luckily the kids are now old enough to entertain themselves and I was able to take an afternoon nap. It was just so heavenly to snuggle under the blanket on the sofa and close my eyes for two hours a little while.

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