Not ready to rock yet

I thought I was ready to rock but instead have been resting most of the week.

I took a rest day on Monday as I was feeling more tired than normal. Tuesday I ran 65 minutes but struggled to keep the pulse below 140 bpm even though I was running slower than I normally do during my easy runs. In the evening my legs were aching while standing hanging the washing. Not good .. and a definite sign of a malady. I have had early nights to aid my body to recover. Another rest day on Wednesday and I was still hoping I would be able to run the 5 x  2K session on Thursday. Never did the session. I have been resting since Tuesday. I just feel tired and legs are aching for some reason. The remnants of whatever I had in my system a few weeks back probably never really left my body. Depressing, to say the least.

just an image

Heavens, it is frustrating not to be running. To start with, I do not seem to wake up without the morning run (I always run in the morning) and the day becomes just one long sleepy day, at least when sitting by the computer trying to finish off my thesis. A few missed days off running and the body feels peer shaped, bloated, heavier. The regular routine of running and eating is not there, and the body protests about it. Mine for one does. I cannot eat my Friday sweets without feeling guilty as I feel I did not really deserve them. Then again, I was not strong enough to leave the sweets alone. There are a whole lot of thoughts that go through the mind when the regular running routine gets affected.  And the thoughts are not positive.

But on the more positive note, my thesis took a few steps forward this week as I was able to dedicate little more time to it. I have a deadline to keep now, which I have not really had before. I need to get this paper done before June. The family is hoping to be moving to a warmer climate before Autumn comes, and I do not want to be reminded of my unfinished paper then. Making this move would mean a step towards our dream and the vision we had for the family, already before we had kids. As a bonus we would get warmer weather, and with that altogether different lifestyle. Exciting times ahead.

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