Resting heart rate and womanly illusion

There is not much to report about running. I have been totally flat for the past week and done zero running. It has been frustrating to say the least but I simply have not had the energy to run.

I can slowly feel my body coming to life again and energy levels escalating. I have been keeping track of my resting heart rate and it is still higher than it is under normal conditions. I check it first thing in the morning when I wake up, before getting up. My normal resting pulse is 44 bpm, this morning it was still 52.

It is said that resting pulse is an important indicator of one’s health and fitness level. Keeping a daily track of it can provide an advanced warning of dawning of a sickness or overtraining, as high resting heart rate often precedes an illness by a couple of days. If the resting pulse is anything more than 10% higher than normal backing off from training is recommended, until the pulse is back to normal.

I so look forward to having my resting pulse back to normal, and the day I can start gradually building up my training volume and intensity again.

All time favourites

Maybe it is ‘a woman thing’ but having lost some 80 km (or more) of running the past week or two I really feel the difference the extra weight around my waist and hips. Can such a short period of not exercising, being sedentary, really make a difference? Or is it just a womanly illusion?

What ever it is, it feels uncomfortable.

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  1. Hi Cursor, hope you recover soon and get back into running again.

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