Resting shoes for few days

It has been a strange week. I missed my training due to my absentmindedness on Wednesday. Never have I been as tired as I was after Thursday’s fartlek session. On Friday I rested. Saturday it was turn for a 40-50 minute run over rolling hills. I have mentioned before that the hills are absent around home but the wind makes up for it. Same thing almost?

I took my daughter with me for my Saturday run. The kids used to ride often with me once upon a time when I did shorter runs. I thought this would be nice way for her to get some exercise and spend time with mummy. My running has improved somewhat since last summer and the nice cycling conditions, and daughter found it difficult to keep up.  I needed to slow down quite a bit, which was okay as it was not such a serious run in my opinion and I understood that it was tough to pedal in that wind. We were running and cycling with the wind behind us at first but when the route took a turn more towards home the wind punished us.  I had to push her down the hill! After 47 minutes of fighting in the wind and pushing the daughter half the time, we were home. At least we did it, and I took pleasure in that thought.

Now it feels as if I have a cactus stuck somewhere between my throat and nose.  It started a couple of days ago. Perhaps this is why I was so tired on Thursday .. which means I cannot blame my endurance shopping after all.

We thought I better skip my long run today and even take a day off tomorrow. By carrying on training one can postpone the onset of a cold. If I now take a rest and relax, the cold will probably hit me if it is to come. I rather have it now while I am still doing build up running and weather is crap than in a few weeks time when I am on “proper” training and weather (hopefully) better. Bring it on then.

Shoes taking a few day's rest

I do try to fight it though. I have tripled my daily dose of honey, and with that calorie intake. I drink green tea and freshly squeezed lemon juice. I try to eat lots of fresh veggies and fruit, and avoid sugar. Luckily son’s birthday cake had fresh strawberries on top, so it could almost be called “health food”. I could not say “no thanks” to a cake on his 10th birthday. I even made a killer soup tonight, with lots of garlic and chilli, that should get rid of all the unwelcomed bugs in my system.

I am hoping to be back on training on Tuesday. Have a good start of the week!

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