Shock to the system

To shock your system and blow out the cobwebs I would recommend a 5K time trial. Or make it a 4K.

It's all about timing

The coach thought it was about time to test my fitness and see how the build up programme has worked for me. I had heard stories how the build up programme had worked wonders for some runners, and of course was hoping this would be so in my case, too. I have been running mostly easy runs for three months now. During the time I have been on the build up programme (the past 6 weeks) I have only done 4 fartlek sessions, which have been approximately at 75% effort. Those are the only faster runs I have done, and yet, I have felt a definite improvement and feel more like a “proper” runner when I am out there. Anyways, I do not really know what I was expecting from today’s time trial ..

We had decided to do a 4K time trial on the local track. All day yesterday I was feeling nervous about the coming test. I did different pace calculations .. time calculations .. 10 laps I should last .. perhaps some unrealistic expectations about my coming performance ..

This morning was extremely windy (as most times) and we decided to go to the forest track and do a 5K off-road instead. It is a familiar course. I ran the route in 18:58 before the end of the last season while I was still doing speed training. I took off like a speed train and could not believe how light my legs felt. They would have run a lot faster but the rest of my body could not follow. I slowed down and ran the first km in 3:50. After a while, the going was getting more and more uncomfortable. I even considered stopping at the 4K mark. It was a 4K time trial we had planned after all. However, my legs were so keen to gallop, while the respiratory system struggled to keep up, that I decided to run to the finish. I finished with 19:38 on the clock.

I was expecting a miracle, I suppose, and was not too happy with the time. Not until I spoke to the one more knowledgeable, who convinced me that it was an excellent run after not having done any speed work for months. And, once I studied the splits and thought about it .. it was not such a bad run after all. A killer though. And a reminder what running is all about .. mental strength and coping with pain.

My splits were 3.50 – 4.01 – 4.02 – 4.03 – 3.44

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  1. Christian Schmeikal

    I can only agree with you that the first time trial feels a little like a disappointment after a build up period. It’s tough mentally to notice that you don’t run as fast as you used to, but just like you I believe in the coach – he know’s what he’s talking about, and if he say’s it will help I believe it does.

    I think your split times are very promising considering having been on the build up for so long 🙂

    Good work!

    • Thanks for your encouraging words, Christian! I wasn’t too sure what was expected from my time trial and I think my own thoughts were “slightly” unrealitic. That’s why I was dissapointed at first. I am over it now though 😉

      Legs feel slightly tired after yesterday, but it is back to the build up for 3 more weeks and then we’ll start “proper” training. I am already dreading the 2K sessions ..

      And again, congrats on the birth of your dauhgter!

  2. Humm… time-trial after build-up is always a surprise. But I learned not to expect much, although I never felt disappointed. I know this period will pay off in the future. 9 weeks of build up, sounds very interesting. Later share with us how you feel after this period of several 1h runs!

    • Hi MMS! Such a long build up period is mainly due to the Scandinavian weather .. roads can be snowy and icy, it is cold, and there are no competitions during this time of the year – the season only starts in April. There are some indoor events but I have not been too keen to participate. I have rather been building up the weekly kilometres.

      This build up period is first of its kind to me as I am still quite new to running. It has taken some time to get used to the 1h runs as a standard, as before I was mainly doing 30-40 minute runs and taking extra days off here and there to recover. But I will keep you posted how it all goes after the build up.

  3. I think you did great! You will be really FAST this year doing the TT that speedy already in february.

    Bring it on girl!

    • Thanks for you comment and compliments Katarina 🙂
      I am sure all the running I have done will pay off. The first goal is to break 40 minutes for 10K and then we will take it from there 😉

      Hope to see you in some of the races!

  4. I go “all in” for Trans Schwarzwald this year, that means one running session/week from end of march. This year I am happy if I do 10k sub 45. See you at the lineup and then “So long”!

    I will go for sub 40 before 40. Still have some time left!

  5. Trans Schwarzwald looks like an interesting event. Good luck for your training and for the event of course!

    Sub 40 before 40 sounds more than reasonable 🙂

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