Warm up shopping

Unfortunately the training routine has suffered from my somewhat severe forgetfulness this week. I had scheduled Wednesday very precisely to be able to fit in my run before taking the train to Malmö to meet my tutor. I left the kids at school and was already dressed to go for my hour run. I drove to the forest track and realised I had left my phone home. I figured I would manage a day without a phone. During the teenage years the mobile phones did not even exist and we lived happily without. I started my run but soon realised I could not travel all the way to Malmö, spend the day far away from the family without the phone. I stopped my run before 3 kilometres, drove 15 km home just to fetch my phone, get changed and then drive back to town to catch the train. That was my training for the day. “The whole body suffers from a dumb head” we say in Finland. And, just to give you an idea about the severity of the forgetfulness .. I drove from home without the phone, which I luckily became aware of pretty soon after driving off, and could just reverse back. Sometimes it just looses its charm  to be me.

Thursday’s 5 x 8 minute fartlek session was also something else. The kids were off from school. I decided to leave them home with daddy and do quick shopping and my training in town. I needed to buy some presents and do grocery shopping. I was on my own so I thought this I would manage quickly. Well, on top of being absent-minded I am extremely indecisive. World champion indecisive. Choosing presents, and anything really, can be a long process. After more than 3 hours of shopping as a warm-up, and 5 hours since breakfast I went for my toughest training session of the week – the fartlek session.

Hoping the snow will disappear

It had snowed again and roads were covered in white. I thought it would be more slippery but to my surprise it was not too bad. I felt tired from the start and found it difficult to get to the same speed I am used to running this session. My heart rate was between 160-163 bpm for each interval. It felt pretty uncomfortable even at that pace. I tried to relax my upper body. I tried to relax and try to enjoy the ride. There was a whole lot of trying in that session. For the last 8 minute “interval”, however, I was able to squeeze a little extra from somewhere and raise the pulse to 167 bpm. I have never been so tired after any of my training sessions before. It must have been the warm up shopping that drained me out. I suffered badly in the evening from extreme tiredness. My eyes were hurting from trying to stay awake. It was bizarre. But at least I had no choice other than go to bed early. Just to rest my eyes .. not so much the legs.

I hope the weekend training goes somewhat better.

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  1. Ha! Great blog – I am the opposite. I.E very decisive, but usually choose the wrong things!

    Well done on completing the tough session in poor weather, after “endurance shopping” …

  2. Ha ha .. that is exactly why I am so indecisive .. don’t want to make the wrong choice. I phoned the hubby 3 times to ask his opininon .. heavens .. it has gone to the point where I think it is actually boring to be shopping with me where as everyone else realised it long time ago 😉

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