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It has been a while

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I am ready to go for my morning run. I can count with one hand the runs I have done with shorts on. Well, in my case a skirt .. my badminton outfit has become running gear since I stopped playing with the feathers. It has been cold Spring and beginning of Summer here in the South of Sweden. But finally yesterday I threw my long tights into the wash as the weather has warmed up enough for me to bare my legs. I am known for always being cold. Let’s hope the summer heat is here to stay .. we if anyone deserve it.

Summer time and the living's easy


I am slowly but surely beginning to feel that my legs are getting lighter and I am able to run more relaxed at a faster (not fast but faster) pace. It has taken a looong time.

Life has been stressful and probably my body has never really got a chance to recover. I finally finished my one year master’s degree (magister på svenska). I had been working on my paper for an embarrassingly long time and finally got it squeezed out at the end of May. I still need to write one more paper to get the second year master’s that I signed for. Also, our relocation plans have been up and down, and we have been unsure what is going to happen. So on my short runs that I have been doing I have been thinking of other things, not ‘blogging’ like I used to. And quite simply, I have not had the mental energy to write about my running. Then again, there has not been so much to write about.

We are leaving Sweden this Friday. Leaving first for Finland and then after Summer travelling down South. The house needs to be emptied and cleaned. Everything sorted out and packed. There is a lot to do.

I just wanted to say hello and tell you that I am still running.