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Grippin’ again

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It was very depressing returning to South of Sweden from Finland. It has been raining and misty, and while out running it feels as if the sky is hanging over me. The sun has not been out since we arrived.

One thing that has made me happy about being home is to be able to run on asphalt and non-icy pavements/paths again.  No more slipping  … for the moment at least. Snow is melting fast and day by day paths are getting better. And, it has been relatively warm. I have managed with only 3 layers of clothing on my upper body on few occasions. Pure sign of Spring.

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Build up

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Since the end of October, that will be over 2 months now, I have been doing off-period running. It has been easy running, keeping the pulse below 140 bpm. It took some time to get used to such low intensity running. It felt awkward to start with as I was not used to running so slowly. My slow/easy runs before I got my Suunto t3d monitor, were not this relaxed. What my intuition considered easy was something else according to the heart rate monitor. I persisted running according to the Suunto t3d and the heart rate reading. As time went by I got used to slower running. I began enjoying my waddles.

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