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Emotions vs common sense (edited)

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The Ed, or coach (you can also read husband) has more or less left me to do my runs, always however checking how I felt and what the time and pulse was. I am a sports scientist after all and should know the basics of wise training.

I have been very keen to increase my mileage, in a rush to get back to 50-60 kilometres that I was doing weekly while on build-up and before I got sick. I still feel ‘pear shaped’ and convinced that my jeans have shrunk. I want to be ‘leaner and meaner’. In my attempt to rush things I did an easy 8K run on Monday and a 10K on Tuesday. These were very relaxed runs at least when considering the times I ran.

I was told very clearly that I obviously did not learn that much on my sports science course and the 10K run was not such a clever move, particularly the day after my 8K. This, because I have not been doing so much mileage lately. But what can I say, emotions always at times defeat common sense, or science for that matter. I must admit, I felt tired after the 10K even though I had tried to keep the pulse and pace low. It is not often someone runs past me on my runs. She did not run much faster than I did .. I had actually passed her once some 4 kilometres earlier. The difference was that I had a steady pace throughout.

I cautiously, and little bit embarrassed about rushing things, asked if I should do a recovery run or take a rest the day after the 10K. I did not want to take a rest day just yet, minimum of 3 days of running I had on my mind, and was happy to hear when The Ed instructed me to do the short, familiar 3.8K run around the farm – to check my current state of fitness.  I was told to go out and enjoy, keep it relaxed and see how it goes, take a half way split, not to run flat out, just enjoy. Oh, ok. I run at a harder pace but still so that it felt comfortable and I knew I could make it to the end without dying. I was happy to see the hubby and the youngest one had come to meet me with their bicycles with 600 metres to go.  It warms my heart every time when such enthusiasm is shown towards my running.

My current state of fitness is 2 minutes quicker than The Ed had estimated and 2 minutes slower than 9 months ago when I ran my best time for the course. I do not know what to think of the result. But, as there is no room for negativity in our household .. so something good it must indicate.

My legs are tired now, as if they had been through a heavy week’s training. Rest day was needed at this point. I am hoping to get some nice running done over the weekend.