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Weekend already gone


I am feeling healthy again and have been building up my tempo and distance. Not so much distance, but I have had a few good runs this week. I did a 7.5K run in 34 minutes and 5K in 22 minutes. This makes me happy and confident that I have not lost it all.

Many runs started here

I have run on 3 consecutive days now and I feel that I deserve a rest day tomorrow, Friday. I am hoping to do easy long runs during the weekend as well as some studying, book keeping and  tax forms (always leave it till the last moment – hate the task), celebrating the 1st of May, watching son’s football in 2 different places on Sunday .. he plays for 2 teams. I am sure there was something else too. Nevertheless ..

.. Monday will be here in a flash.

Have a good weekend!

5K, rest, 5K, rest, 5K ..


That is what my past ‘training’ week looks like.

As you can see I still have to take it easy. 5 kilometres of easy running feels enough at the moment. My morning pulse is still high and I can feel that I am not 100 percent healthy yet. I feel more energetic one day and then can feel ‘flat as a pancake’ the day after.

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