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Favourite breakfast

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Mmmm .. muesli

This is the breakfast I would most preferably have every morning. Thick natural yogurt (Turkish 10%) with homemade muesli, fruit salad and a spoonful of honey. Delicious.

For the basic muesli you need:

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Resting shoes for few days

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It has been a strange week. I missed my training due to my absentmindedness on Wednesday. Never have I been as tired as I was after Thursday’s fartlek session. On Friday I rested. Saturday it was turn for a 40-50 minute run over rolling hills. I have mentioned before that the hills are absent around home but the wind makes up for it. Same thing almost?

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Power of honey

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They say honey has many health benefits. With its distinct antiseptic property it is an ideal natural soother for sore throat or chafed skin. It is a sweet treat for your skin and therefore an ingredient in many skin products.

Honey is a rich source of carbohydrates and an all-natural sweetener. I use honey to get a natural energy kick before and/or after training. I just take a tea spoonful of this sweet “medicine” as it is, or mix it in a blender with orange juice and banana to make an energy drink.

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