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Another training week

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Last week’s training went more or less as planned. Only the 5K time trial replaced the hour run on Tuesday, and Saturday’s run was cut shorter.

It has been cold again the past week or two. Four layers of clothing on the upper body, two on the lower body, a hat and a thick pair of gloves, only then I am ready to face the cold front that has hit Scandinavia. I am not too sure whether it would be more pleasurable to be running in Finland with close -20 degrees or in Ystad with -5 and freezing wind? Let’s hope weather gods will soon treat us with warmer winds and bring us sunshine. I think we are all awaiting Spring to arrive. 

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Shock to the system


To shock your system and blow out the cobwebs I would recommend a 5K time trial. Or make it a 4K.

It's all about timing

The coach thought it was about time to test my fitness and see how the build up programme has worked for me. I had heard stories how the build up programme had worked wonders for some runners, and of course was hoping this would be so in my case, too. I have been running mostly easy runs for three months now. During the time I have been on the build up programme (the past 6 weeks) I have only done 4 fartlek sessions, which have been approximately at 75% effort. Those are the only faster runs I have done, and yet, I have felt a definite improvement and feel more like a “proper” runner when I am out there. Anyways, I do not really know what I was expecting from today’s time trial ..

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Build up – week 7

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6 weeks of build up training behind, 2 full cycles so to speak. It is going well. We decided to start with a rest day on Monday and then do a 4K time trial on Tuesday, and take things from there. It was a long time ago since I did a time trial, so it will be nice to see where I stand with my running. So, there is no definite plan for this coming week as yet.

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