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Happy New Year in Finland

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This year could not have started better. I woke up feeling well rested after two days of not running and moderate New Year celebrations. After my morning cup of coffee I went for an hour jog in a beautiful Winter wonderland, Finland. It was -10 degrees celsius and no wind at all. Nice running conditions considering the time of the year.

The family has been in Finland since the morning of Christmas Eve. I did mention previously that I came from the land of polar bears and Father Christmas. The running conditions have been good and I have been amazed how much I have enjoyed running along the winter roads around my childhood neighbourhood. As a skiing enthusiast, I thought I would be only doing cross country skiing while here but I find the weather too cold for that. My poor fingertips never warm up while skiing in these temperatures making the business annoyingly painful. So, I have stuck to running.

There was a lot of snow when we arrived in Finland and more has fallen since. I have been slightly dissapointed in the decline of efficiency when it comes to the council clearing the roads after snow fall but they have managed to keep the roads and pavements in a pretty good condition. It has been cold enough which means the snow is kind of “sticky” (making creaking sound) and it gives you an okay grip. Temperature has been hovering around – 10 degrees, Christmas Eve being an exception when the air was brisk -16 degrees celsius and a refreshing easterly wind reminded me how cold it can actually get in these latitudes and how unpleasant winter exercising can be. After I had warmed up (after 15 mins or so) and turned to come home with the wind behind me, only then running became bearable. I was glad this was only a short run. I could not face a fourth day of not running, especially considering the coming days of festive eating and my legendary poor discipline when it comes to saying “no thank you” for Christmas goodies, so I decided to squeeze in a short half an hour run before Christmas sauna and dinner.

This has been Finland. Almost two weeks of enjoyable winter running in the Winter wonderland. We have 4 days left of our holiday, which I hope means 4 days of running. Travelling home takes its time and can be taxing .. so a day or two’s rest will be granted over the weekend.

And no, barefoot running is not part of our agenda.